How To Cook Like Heston S01E03 Chocolate

Heston Blumenthal takes off his chef whites and steps into a domestic kitchen to show viewers how to inject some Heston-style magic into homemade cooking
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Heston's Great British Food  S01E02  Roast Beef Dinner

Heston discovers the origins of the great British roast, before serving up a spectacular roast beef dinner to the people who make it possible – butchers and farmers.
Heston travels back to late medieval times and tries out a roast chicken dressed as a knight riding a pig into battle. He then finds himself in the early 1800s, uncovering just how important beef was to Nelson and his navy.
In Switzerland Heston discovers how mould is being used in laboratories to create the most sublime aged beef.
He creates a joint made up of different cuts, all treated differently, and stuck together with meat glue; an edible vegetable garden; a bull shot cocktail; and giant Yorkshire puddings.
And Heston reveals the secrets of his signature roast potatoes.


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