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Tortilla de Patatas is one of the most popular dishes across Spain. In this step-by-step video, you will learn how to cook it. This specific recipe is made with onions, many other variants are OK too. You can add green pepper, chorizo, parsley, even plain (eggs and potato) tastes delicious too. It is an appetizer which combines well with fresh bread, mayonnaise or ketchup. For a more authentic taste, use organic or natural ingredients, and use a pan instead of an electric fryer.

Ingredients for 3 people:
– 3 Russet organic potatoes
– 4 pastured eggs
– 1/2 organic onion
– olive oil
– sea salt

Remember to cook in low heat, or you will burn the surface of the pie. If the inside looks liquid, it still needs some more time, it should be firm, but not too dry. Do not over fry the potato pieces, stop right before they start to turn brown.


A) TRADITIONAL: Use a frying pan instead of a deep fryer. Do not cut the potato too thick or too thin. I prefer cubes, but slices are fine too. Pros: The tortilla will taste better; Cons: It will take longer to cook, especially if you are cooking for more than two people; a little more messy to cook.

B) CONVENIENT: Use a deep fryer. Do not set fryer to top temperature, since the potato chip will be more cooked outside than inside. In the movie the cubes seem to be large, but that’s because the camera is very close. Pros: Fast; less messy; good when you are cooking for a large group and if you want to save on costly olive oil. Cons: Does not taste as good. Some say that the real tortilla has never been made with an electric deep fryer… well, electric deep fryers did not exist back then!

TO ONION OR NOT TO ONION, THAT IS THE QUESTION: Well, a tortilla with just eggs and potato is great, try it with onion and see what you like better. Also, some saute the onion before adding it to the mix, other don’t cook it, they just add it to the mix raw. Some people add pepper and even chorizo, well, there are no rules, you decide what you want in your tortilla!

When it comes to traditional recipes, everyone claims to know the real official recipe, (they are right and everyone else is wrong) and some people even take it a little too personal. If you travel all over Spain, you will find that traditional dishes are cooked differently in different regions and by different cooks. There are NO official recipes, so be prepared to find differences. However, there is one thing all Spanish cooks have in common: Our love and respect for the ingredients we work with. Enjoy!

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