French Fries Curry Recipe-Indian Vegetarian Recipes-Every Day Special-Episode 2

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About This Show.
“Every Day Special” is an Indian cooking show presented by Nikunj Vasoya.In this show you will see the exclusine and secret recipes from NIKUNJ vasoya’s Scret cooking book on Indian Cuisine.
Written and Produced by: Nikunj Vasoya.
Host: Nikunj Vasoya.
Producers: Foodon TV, Mycromfilms and Nikunj Vasoya.
Music: Ivan Chew and Admiral Bob.
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Indian Curry or Subzi 101.
What is Curry?
Cuury is a very popular an unique in taste stir fired or boiled dish which is very easy to cook and delicious in taste. Indian Curry is known as Subzi or Shaak in Indian and very famous in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japane and other contires arounf the world.
What are the main Ingredients for Curry or Subzi?
1. Oil-Cotton seeds Oil/Groundnut Oil/Coconut Oil/Mustard Seeds Oil/Sunflower Oil.
2. Mustard Seeds.
3.Cumin seeds.
4.Curry Leaves.
5.Black Pepper.
6. Garam Masala (Mixture of 5 or more Indian Spices)
7. Curry Powder(Very Popular in South India and add 5 or more spices with lentis)
8.Turmeric Powder(Haldi), Red Chilli Powder (Lal Mirch Powder), Corainder and Cumin Seeds Powder(Dhaniya/jeera Powder), Fenugreek Seeds(Methi Dana)
9.Vegetables like.Onions(Kanda),Tomato (Tamatar),Garlic (Lahesun or Lasan), Gobi(Cauliflower/Cabbage), Muttar(Green or Yellow Peas), Aloo (Potatoes),
10. Other Ingredients or Indian Curry Recipe Vegatable.Paneer(Coated Cheese), Besan (Gram Flour/Chana no Lot),Chicken (Murgha),Mutton(lamb).
Indian Curry Base.
In Indian whether it is a South Indian Curry, North Indian Curry or any other Indian Subzi mainly in curry people like to have Gravy of something so they can eat it with Roti or Chappathi.The recipe of curry should have gravy of something as gravy make Subzi tasty an healthy.
How to East Indian Curries or Subzis.
1.Curry Recipe for Roti or Chapathi.
Most of the Indian people like to eat curry or subzi with Chappathi or Roti, Paratha(pan Fried Indian Flat Bread) or Naan and they cook suitable recipe for curry for their regular diet.
2.Curry Recipe for Rice or Chawal.
Indian South Indian People like to eat curry with rice so they cook have recipe for curry which is more suitable for them and mostly they have the Gravy based curry by adding coconut milk.Most of the South Indian Curries are simple and best in taste.
Popular Indian Recipes of Curry or Subzi.
1.Gobi Ki Subzi or Cauliflower Curry Recipe.
2.Aloo Ki Subzi or Potato Curry Recipe.
3.Chicken Curry Recipe or Murghe Ki Subzi.
4.Muttar/Matter Ki Subzi or Grean Peas Vurry Recipe.
5. Paneer Ki Subzi or Coated Cheese Curry Recipe.
How to Make or Cook Curry?
Curry is very easy to cook or make any most of the recipe are very easy and need just few ingredients.
Best Cooking Method for Curry?
Indian Curry Base Vegetable.
(This is the just simple procedure for cooking any kind of Indian or other Curry)
Step 1: Heat Oil
Step 2: (1)Add Onion First, stir fry it till they become golden brown and add Turmeric Powder.
(2) add whole dry spices.
Step 3:Add Vegetables of any other Ingredient(Chicken or Meet).
Step 4:Add Spices(Red Chilli Powder/Coriander & Cumin Seeds Powder), Garam Masala or Curry Powder etc.
Step 5: Add Water as per requirement.
Step 6: Cook it till it became nice and little water remains.
Step 7:Garnish it in your style.
Step 8: serve it how with Roti(Chappathis), Parathas(Pan Fried Indian Bread) or Naan( Fluffy Indian Bread).
1. Add Curry Leaves in Step 1 or 3 as per you taste and depends on it which curry is you are cooking.
2.Dry and whole spices always should be added to the Oil.
3. Raw Vegetables required good amount of Water and Boiled Not or just little.

Try this Simple, Easy and Delicious Recipes of Indian Curry for more understanding.