Fufu Recipe- African food Recipe

Printable recipe:
To or toh is a popular staple in west Africa. It is usually served
with an okra soup and taste so good.


3 cups of water

4 or 5 cups of one of these flour : cornmeal, cassava powder, sorghum flour

salt to taste ( optional)

Cassava leaves  sauce  - African food Recipe - Feuilles  de manioc

In this video, I show how i cook cassava leaves sauce.
This is a Guinean way of cooking cassava leaves with beef , fish, peanut butter and palm oil.
For the ingredients details you will find it to my website.
I hope you will enjoy this famous African sauce which is serve with rice.

200g blended cassava leaves

200g beef (or any meat), cut into cubes

3 TBS peanut butter

100 ml palm oil ( or peanut oil)

1 fish

1 onion, blended

3 okra, finely cut

chili, adjust to your taste

salt to taste

2 Chicken seasoning or Maggi Jumbo

smoked fish powder ( optional)