Fried Chicken Recipe - African Food Recipe

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Full Recipe:
So for this fried chicken you will need:
1kg of chicken
1 bouillon cube
1 onion, sliced
white or black pepper
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
3 garlic gloves, grated
Thyme leaves
1/ 2 teaspoon Chili pepper or to taste
½ teaspoon of curry powder
½ cup of water
oil for deep frying
And salt.
The first step is to add the chicken in a pot with all the seasoning
Then add the water and salt . Bring this to a boil for about 15 -20 minutes
You will need to stir occasionally to help to flavor come together. After 20 minutes, remove the chicken and set aside.
Now heat the vegetable oil on medium heat and fry the chicken.
Fry until golden brown and remove.
For a healthier version you can also grill the chicken in the oven for 30 minutes.
When it’s ready serve with tomato sauce, or with anything you want.
It can be served with Nigerian Jollof rice or Attieke